Research Collaboration

Research collaboration, grants and partnerships I have conducted:

  1. Adjuct research/postodoctoral Fellow at RMIT University (2014-2016)
    1. Project title :Bread fortifications with microencapsulations vitamins
    2. Project title :The effects of varying hydrocolloidproportions on encapsulation of ascorbic acid by spray drying,
    3. Microencapsulation of ascorbic acid by spray drying: Influence of process conditions
  2. RMIT University Vice councelor awards ( 2011 and 2012)
    1. Travel  and International Conference  grants to France (2011)
    2. Travel and International Conference grants to Penang Malaysia (2012)
  3. Research Collaboration  with IPB (“Pekerti” Grants, 2005 and 2006)
    1. Project title: Probiotics in Soyghurt
  4. With local government bodies
    1. Ocean and Fishery District Department of Tungkal/DKP Tanjambtim and Tanjabar (2006)
      1. Project title: Development of Virgin coconot oil technology (Processing and Packaging)
    2. Regional Research centre/”Balitbangda” Jambi Province (2005)
      1. Project title: Developing of Jambi GermPlasm of local plants database
    3. Research centre of Jambi University (2000,2001)
    4. Forestry District Province/Dinas Kehutanan Propinsi (1999, 2001)
      1. Project title: Modelling of industrial forestry waste management and processing
      2. Project title:Modelling of  forestry product ( Processing technology)img_6656